Warrior (Chinese: 回力; pinyin: Huílì) is a brand of athletic shoe from China, founded in Shanghai in the 1930s. From the 60s to the early 80s it became a nationwide shoemaker in China.In the mid 80s foreign brands became more popular, and Warrior is often seen as a working class shoe. Nowadays various companies have started importing them to the west, and they are sold along with Feiyue shoes in fashionable areas of Chinese cities.
Warrior shoes are very popular in China in the 20th century. It leads the shoe fashion trend at that time. There are many reasons for its success. The shoe is not only comfortable and suitable for sports, but also has fashionable designs.

Nowadays, Warrior Company puts efforts to develop technology intensive products such as cold cement professional gym shoes and outdoor athletic shoes with a view to making contributions to raising the levels of the athletic sports and of the civil gymnastic sports of China. Besides, by means of brand operation and technology management the Company has also expanded such series of products as various convenient injection casual shoes, rain boot and sandals.

In 2008, the British movie star Orlando Bloom in the “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” wore a photo of the Warrior shoes, which triggered a retro trend in Europe and quickly returned to China . The French version of the fashion magazine “ELLE” introduced the publication of the Warrior shoes. Alfonso Caron said that in the film “Gravity” in the Chinese space station also put a pair of Warrior shoes to highlight the Chinese elements. After returning to the overseas market, the name changed to “warrior” and became popular in Europe and America .
In 1927, Liu Yongkang, a Jiangsu-based Jiangyin man from a grocery store, joined forces to open a Yichang Rubber Factory in Tangshan Road, Shanghai, to produce a “Bigji” rubber shoe. In 1934, the name was changed to Zhengtai Xinji Rubber Factory, which is the predecessor of Warrior Shoes.

In 1948, Chint Rubber Factory introduced a new style of shoes similar to the shape of a bow. During the National Games, an aircraft was hired to distribute advertising leaflets, which caused a huge sensation at the time. As the originator of Chinese sports shoes, Warrior shoes have been accompanied by the development of China’s sports industry from the beginning.

After the founding of New China, in 1956, Warrior specially developed the “565” high-top basketball shoes for the national men’s basketball team. This is also the most classic pair of basketball shoes of the Warrior brand. Once launched, it immediately became a symbol of fashion.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the price of a pair of shoes was about 8 to 10 yuan. At that time, people’s wages were only about 30 yuan, so buying a pair of shoes required about one-third of the salary. As the country’s most high-end sports shoes, many children want to have a pair of pull-back shoes, they not only save money, but also actively complete the learning tasks set by parents, and even participate in the school’s professional sports team.

Until the 1990s, with the strong influx of foreign brands such as “travel shoes” Nike and Adidas, it broke the situation that “WARRIOR” completely occupied the market. In 1994, Warrior had to turn off the first branch factory that produced liberation shoes. Since then, has been closed every one to two years. Until 2000, all of its seven factories and one research institute were closed, and 8,600 workers were “ laid off”.

Shanghai Rubber Footwear Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary, Shanghai Warrior Footwear Company, declared bankruptcy and transferred the “Warrior” series of trademarks to implement the Shanghai Municipal Government’s strategic policy of “making more correct choices”. Shanghai Huayi (Group) Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by Huayi Group and the operation group to form Shanghai Yongshi Shoes Co., Ltd.

It is also coincidental that during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a photo of a Hollywood movie star wearing a Warrior shoe was circulated on the Internet, and the fashion trend of classic shoes was broken. This is undoubtedly a historical cycle. The Warrior brand has also begun to gradually recover and re-enter people’s horizons.

On September 18, 2010, Warriors Shoes opened its first flagship store in the old site of Pingliang Road. This is a huge success. This store is packed with customers every day. During the holiday season, many customers line up every afternoon. The opening amount of the transaction in the first month reached 1.67 million yuan, setting a new record in the history of warrior development. This has also attracted the attention of many market operators. Once the enthusiasm for joining, the terminal monopoly model of Warrior Shoes has developed rapidly.

It has become a legend in the footwear market for 87 years. It has experienced prosperity and direct bankruptcy. The experience of “the fire of rebirth” made it more calm. It has been constantly innovating and injecting into the times. Fresh elements.

In 2008, this is the true story of an ugly duckling in the history of fashion. In the country with more than 40 years of history, the price of only 20 yuan of the “warrior sneakers” — feiyue shoes, become the “tips” that European and American hipsters are competing to buy. In Europe, its value has at least 25 times, reaching an alarming 50 euros (about 500 yuan). Not only that, the French version of the most authoritative fashion magazine “ELLE” also “reads the book” for it, its diehard “fans” across the entertainment circle and fashion circle, including “elf archer” Orlando Bloom and Sexy girl Anna Nikola Smith. After the Chinese snakeskin bag was cloned by foreign fashion brands, Chinese sneakers once again set a miracle in the fashion world.
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In 1999, it was recognized by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as: China’s well-known trademark;
In 1997, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau recognized the “Warrior” trademark as: Shanghai Famous Trademark;
In 1996, he was awarded the Shanghai Customer Satisfaction Product;
From 1994 to 1997, he was awarded the title of Shanghai Famous Brand Product, which is a “four consecutive championships”;
In 1993, the “Warrior brand” sneakers awarded by the International Quality Committee won the 21st Spanish International Quality Award;
In 1992, the China Railways awarded the Warrior brand sports card as the best-selling domestic product Jinqiao Award;
In 1992, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau appraised the famous trademark certificate “565 long sneaker”.
In 1991, he was awarded the second-class nomination award by the International Trademark Office for the first “China Well-known Trademark” selection activity;
In 1989, the Ministry of Chemical Industry issued the Warrior brand basketball shoes as the quality product certificate;
In 1988, the National Silver Award was awarded by the National Quality Award Examination Committee (Warrior 565 long sneaker);
In 1983, the Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission issued the WB-1 basketball shoes market quality products;
In 1983, the Ministry of Chemical Industry issued the Ministry of Quality Product Certificate;
In 1979, the “Warrior” brand 565 basketball shoes were awarded the “Quality Brand Product Certificate” by the Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce;
In 1979, the National Economic Commission awarded the National Silver Medal Award for the 565-type basketball shoes.

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